Tren Regional

Master Control Unit

The pictured master controller is used as a instruction element in railway vehicles. It can be divided into three main components.

1. Master / Brake controller
Setpoint setting in the driving Power- /Brakearea with integrated deadman function by pushing down of the grab handle.

2. Selector switch
Choise of the operating condition “R” / “O”/  “*” / “V” /  “N”

3. Key switch
Approval of the master controller. Operating states: setting “0” and “1”

Master Control Unit MC 01

Gessmann’s master controller system MC 01 is specially designed for usage in railway
applications. Their robust design which is based on the relevant standards EN-60077,
UIC 612 and EN-50155 guarantees low life cycle costs and a maintainability over a period
of 35 years.